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Business Services - IT Support

You’ve got better things to do than fight with your computer.

With NortheastTel’s dedicated IT support team, we can help your business grow by removing the productivity-killing technical roadblocks your team runs into every day.

Would you let your dentist do your taxes? Of course not! So why is your receptionist moonlighting as your technical support person? Just because she can run your office doesn’t mean she should run your network. Just like your dentist, you want a specialist on your team who can handle IT challenges quickly and efficiently. But for most small businesses, hiring a dedicated IT Specialist is just not practical.

That’s where the IT team at NortheastTel can help you fill that gap. With Contract and on-demand IT services available: you can count on our team of professionals to ensure your system stays up to date, secure, and firing on all cylinders.

NortheastTel provides our clients with a full suite of solutions tailored to your business’s needs. Our additional service offerings include:

Website hosting

Your ticket to IT peace of mind! Your website will be secured on our state-of-the-art server center and supported by our local team of IT professionals. Contact us today and see the benefits of bringing all your IT resources under one roof.

Data Backup and Recovery

Tired of your backup solutions being too big or too small? NortheastTel has designed our backup and recovery services from the ground up to be customized to fit your business’s specific needs.

Email Encryption

When sending emails containing confidential, personal, or other sensitive data, it’s critical to protect those assets by encrypting your message’s content. NortheastTel’s email encryption program can help your business deploy secure communications to a specific user or company-wide and easily integrate with your existing Microsoft 365 products.

Office 365 Solutions

The gold standard of business software is now available from NortheastTel. We not only support and maintain the entire range of Microsoft products, but we are experts in implementing new installations of Microsoft 365 and customizing software packages to best meet the needs of small businesses just like yours.

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